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Archive: April, 2009

Word of Mouth Internship at The Cyphers Agency

The Cyphers Agency has an opening for a paid internship during Summer and/or Fall terms. We are seeking a dynamic, creative, fun, and interesting candidate >>

Young and Restless

Recently I have had conversations with my parents about how frustrating it is to watch them use the computer. Whereas I might scan a website for buttons or links, my mom actually spends the time to read all the words. What a geezer!

Defining Your Brand

Not too long ago, ‘defining your brand’ meant getting together with your marketing department or an advertising agency to decide what you wanted your brand to mean to consumers.

Whitepaper on Social Media and Word of Mouth

Word of mouth (WOM) is nothing new. It has been around for centuries, millennia even. An act of WOM is simply the transmission of communication from one per-son to another. WOM even exists among insects that use chemicals called pheromones, as well as special movements and behaviors to communicate. The point is that WOM exists naturally without the work of marketers. Our job as WOM marketers is to harness the power of conversation by giving consumers something to talk about, and…

Google Helps Protect Your Name Equity

Have you ever “Googled” someone and found their embarrassing photos or information? Have you ever “Googled” yourself and found your own embarassing web content? Well now Google is giving you a little help to redeem yourself.

Profiles in a Google Search

Tracer helps you protect your website

These days, piracy is a hot topic both online and off. While music and software remain the most pirated, your website can be copied just as easily, if not easier. But with the many millions of websites and blogs in existence you couldn’t possibly keep tabs on all of them. Enter Tracer, a service that helps you track what’s being copied directly from your website.

Still think your target audience isn’t on Facebook?

Often times, business owners and brand managers tend to think that “Facebook is great, but our customers aren’t using it; Facebook is for teenagers.” That logic is simply not true. Recently, Facebook hit the 200 million user mark, making it the largest social networking platform in existence. By not using Facebook, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with your customers that do. Read more >>

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