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Archive: March, 2009

Traveling via Twitter

On March 1, Twitter user, Paul Smith, started a 30-day journey to travel to New Zealand without spending a dime. Instead, he decided to rely on the generosity of the Twitter community to see how far he could get. The “Twitchhiker” succeeded in traveling 11,000 miles relying solely on donations from other users. Read more >>

Defining Social Media Experts

Many people have written about the influx of social media “experts” that Twitter and other social media tools seem to have attracted. You may see them refer to themselves as specialists, experts, mavens, consultants, etc. But, with so many “experts” out there, how do you know which ones are real, and which ones are abusing the label? One University is now trying to make the distinction official. Read more >>

MySpace Gets “Married”

MySpace recently announced its new venture into reality TV by way of its web-based reality show, “Married on MySpace.” The show will follow one couple’s experience leading right up to their wedding day. What makes this show unique, however, is that MySpace members will be in control of the decision making and planning of the event. Click here to read more.

Are you More Social than a 5th Grader?

According to UK newspaper, The Guardian, Children across the nation will be taught the ins and outs of a number of social media platforms including Twitter, Wikipedia, blogging, and podcasting tools. These changes are part of a draft proposed to to overhaul the primary school curriculum.

StumbleUpon Adds Share Feature

StumbleUpon seems to have added a share feature that allows you to share a bookmark with your entire list of friends instead of sending it to them one-by-one. I’m not sure when this feature was added, but it is quite helpful and definitely something users have been asking about/waiting for. It’s not obvious, but it’s there and here’s how you do it.

Teen Uses Web for Tuition Help

Michigan teen, Rachel Harris, has recently launched IWantToGoToNotreDame.com in an effort to raise enough money to attend the University of Notre Dame. Her grades are there, she’s got the recommendations and all other qualifications, but the only thing holding her back is the $40,000+ tuition to attend and she has turned to the web for help.

Digg Founder Launches WeFollow

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com has recently launched WeFollow, a Twitter directory. There have been many other attempts to build a complete user directory (see also: Twellow, Twibs, and many more) but based on the ease and early popularity of WeFollow, it just might succeed.

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