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Archive: January, 2009

Why isn’t this HUGE yet?

The newest outlet for the quest for Internet quasi-fame has arrived. URDB allows anyone to set any record they want as long as it complies with the Rules. Kinda like the Guinness Book of World Records only “cooler,” and more social.

Here are some of the best records, along with a list of things URDB is doing right…

Millions of Reasons to Find Out What Else your Product Does

Of course you’ve seen the Levis “guys backflip into jeans” video, the Gatorade “amazing ball girl catch,” or maybe even the Corona “beer freezing party trick.” Somewhere in there you’ll find LITERALLY millions of…

Tasty Short URL Tool

Twitter and the growth of micro-blogging platforms have given rise to loads of URL shortening tools. The newest of which is bacn.me, giving users a fun, tasty way to spread some link love.

According to their site, there are only two rules to using bacn.me, the first…

Make Something Happen

Whether you want to organize an event, petition for change, or raise money, The Point is a revolutionary way for individuals to combine their influence and make things happen in ways they can’t achieve alone.

The Point is a website that brings people together. Users have been able…

Social Media in Plain English

Although this is just the tip of the iceberg, Common Craft founder, Lee Lefever describes social media in a fun way, using ice cream as a neat little case study, and who doesn’t like ice cream?

The Multi-dimensional Consumer

I watched a video today that BLEW MY MIND and, no, it wasn’t last night’s new episode of LOST. I am a closet astrophysicist and have always had a hard time explaining the ten dimensions to non-astrophysicists. This video does a great job of explaining them in the simplest way possible.

So, you may ask, what does astrophysics have to do with WOM or social media? Well, nothing, but it does provide…

Calling all Drum-makers

As we’ve mentioned before, buzzworthy content can speak volumes more for your brand than traditional, paid, intrusive ads.

Ken Brashear has created this interactive drum simulation in which users can “play” drums by…

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