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Social Media in the News – June

Social Media News

Summer is here and the weather is hot. A lot of people are in vacation mode, but social media executives did not get the memo. >>

Power of a brand in the digital age.

GK Site

We often talk about the power of a brand. No matter what industry, if you can create a strong identity, connect with your target audience >>

Paid Advertising: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Paid Online Advertising Questions

Recently I’ve been asked to offer clarification on the definition of paid advertising buzz words and what metrics are considered a successful ad campaign.  In >>

Top ways that social media influences consumer behavior

Social media is about much more than posting pictures and catching up with friends. Consumers are actively engaging with brands as a part of their purchasing decision. It is essential for organizations to get on board because social media is making a big impact

Press This Makes Blog Posting Even Easier

Press This in Wordpress

An updated feature called Press This is included in the latest WordPress update called “Powell”. To use it, go to the admin area of your >>

In Case You Missed It: April Social Media Headlines

Social Media News

Is it just me or did April fly by? It feels like I was just complaining about the cold weather and now it is almost May. >>

Easy ways to enhance your social media networks using web content

via contentamp.com

Digital integration is not a new concept. I think everyone can agree that a brand’s website should include links to its social media platforms and >>

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