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Typefaces Explored – Font News and Links

Typefaces Explored

“Letters do love one another. However, due to their anatomical differences, some letters have a hard time achieving intimacy.”    -Ellen Lupton, Thinking with Type >>

Recent Linkedin Updates Explained

Recent LinkedIn Updates

Our favorite social media sites have been changing a lot lately. First there were the Facebook updates, then twitter got a facelift, and now Linkedin >>

A Day in the Life: Sarah, Social Media Coordinator

A day in the life of a social media specialist at The Cyphers Agency

A lot of people have an idea of what they think a Social Media Coordinator does. Although it changes from agency to agency, here at >>

Facebook Updates That Won’t Ruin Your Life

Recent Facebook Updates

Let me paint a picture for you. You’re drinking your morning cup of joe, you login to Facebook before diving into your work emails (I >>

Lets get Visual: 3 reasons why your brand should be on Instagram

Instagram for Brands

Everyone loves Instagram but so many brands are just not sure if / how it fits into their marketing plans.While Instagram isn’t a good fit for every brand, it is >>

What is all the Fuss About Going Viral?

Going Viral with Strategy

Let’s face it, every brand wants a piece of that social media gold: the coveted viral content. We have clients ask us all the time >>

The Power of Social Influence: Subway & Foodbabe

Yoga Mat Chemical in Subway Bread

In the era of social media, food companies are facing a whole new level of customer influence. The millennial generation, and other tech savvy folks >>

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